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(of 1995)
The story about friendship over the borders.

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"Friendship: When You are walking in the footsteps of a stranger;
Be open minded, You might learn something!"
(Words of wisdom from Gunilla, Sweden (-still breathing))

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The Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995
1995 at the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta, Canada.

We are from the left:
  • Kurt-Germany
  • Gunilla-Sweden
  • Dennis-Belgium
  • Janet-England
  • Andrew-England
  • Pat-Scotland
  • Julia-England
  • Pam-England
  • Paul-Holland
  • Christoph-Germany
  • Sven-Belgium
  • Sheila from USA, our Trek-leader at the time.

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Who am I?

My name is Gunilla; Nilla to my English-speaking friends.
In 1988 I graduated as a Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) and moved to Gothenburg, on the westcoast of Sweden, to work at a hospital in my proffesion.

I stayed in Gothenburg until January 2001 when I changed carrier and left Gothenburg for a town called Linköping in the eastern parts of Sweden. I had decided to work full time with a computer software, developed for Clinical BioChemistry Laboratories, called "Flexlab". This was the software that the BioChemistry Labs in Gothenburg switched over to during 1999 and which I worked with a lot during the introduction at the BioChemistry Lab where I worked. So nowdays I am working with "Flexlab" for the IT-company Tieto, but since May 2009 I am as well back in Gothenburg again.

The Klondike 1998

Alaska-Usa, 1998.
Always Sälen Week 12. The Champs skiweekend up north in Sälen in the Swedish Mountains.

Sälen-Sweden, 2002 - Always Sälen Week 12.

When I am not working I do a lot of running and also other kinds of training.
I also like to do horseback riding when I get a chance (especially on Island-ponies), hiking; I am an outdoor person. I like to work with computers, especially Web-Designing, to write and to work with photos.
Usually I have some kind of project going on.

How it all started?

I went on my first overseas trip in 1984, when I was visiting a friend in Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. After that trip I traveled mostly to different places in Europe. Then in 1990 I went overseas again together with some friends and at that time we went to Hongkong and Australia for 6 weeks. We had a brilliant time.
Since I was child I have been very interested in the culture and history of the North American Indians, the Nature and Wildlife in North America. So in 1992 I went over to Usa with a Swedish travel-company called Swanson's.

Through Swanson's I came in contact with the adventure company TrekAmerica. In 1994 I went on my first Trek with them and after that I was hooked. Until today I have done 7 Treks.

My first Trek.

That first evening on my first Trek I was extreamly nervous to meet all these strange people from all over the world, and not to forget that I had to speak English all the time. Phuuu!!!! I was the only Swede in the group as I have been on the following Treks as well so it was a bit difficult at first to understand all these strange accent´s but pretty soon I got used to it and I believe I have learned a great deal of new words and not beeing afraid to speak. Nowdays it doesn't bother me at all.

The best thing about these Treks is that I have made friends, from all of the world, possible for the rest of my life. The people from the Rocky Mountaineer Trek in 1995 were the group that were just made for each other.
Since 1995 we have had an yearly reunion in our different countrie's and I believe we are quite uniqe in that matter. So believe me when I tell You it is a great way of travelling, especially if You're travelling by Yourself.

I will to tell You a lot more about my Treks in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.
So my friends, there is a lot more to come. Info and photos. So lets hit the road shall we?

My Treks with TrekAmerica.

Read my stories and see my photos by clicking on the photos or the Trek name below!

Note that some of the Treks I have been on with TrekAmerica might not have the same name today or might not excist at all. But there should always be a Trek that is similar.

The Indian Trail 1994

The Indian Trail
The Rocky Mountaineer 1995

The Rocky
Mountaineer 1995.
The Mountie 1996

The Mountie
The Rocky Mountaineer 1997

The Rocky
Mountaineer 1997.
The Klondike 1998

The Klondike
The National Parks Walk 1999

The National Parks
Walk 1999.
The Alaskan Yukon Adventure 1999

The Alaskan Yukon
Adventure 1999.

Look out for the
next trip,
sometime in the future!

Some other trips.

The reunion's of The Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995

The reunion's of The Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995.
The Road west 1992

The Road West-1992 in Usa, with the Swedish Travel Company Swanson's.

Always Sälen week 12

- Always Sälen Week 12 -
The Champagnegirls yearly Ski and Party weekend up north in the Swedish Mountains.

Some of The Rocky Mountaineer's Reunions.

- Holland 2000 -
Trek Reunion Year 2000 - Holland

At our 6:th Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995 Reunion.
During our sailing trip in Holland, June 2000.
- Scotland 2001 -
Trek Reunion Year 2001 - Scotland

At our 7:th Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995 Reunion.
By the Loch Lomond Lake in Scotland, May 2001.
- Germany 2004 -
Trek Reunion Year 2004 - Germany

Photo by Christoph Perschke.
At our 9:th Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995 Reunion.
In front of our cute little cabin in Germany, May 2004.
- Germany 2004 -
Trek Reunion Year 2004 - Germany

Photo by Christoph Perschke.
The tradition of the Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995 Gang.
Germany, May 2004.
- Sweden 2005 -
Trek Reunion Year 2005 - Sweden

At our 10:th Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995 Reunion.
In Fjärås Village in Sweden. September 2005.
- Ireland 2006 -
Trek Reunion Year 2006 - Ireland

At our 11:th Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995 Reunion.
On a Atlantic Beach on Ireland, June 2006.

More Photos.

Very Happy News - September 9, 2006.
The Rocky Mountaineer Wedding in Belgium.

Click on the photo or the link down below to see more from the wedding and the reception.

The Rocky Mountaineer Wedding in Belgium, 2006

On September 9, 2006, my dear friend and Rocky Mountaineer Dennis and his beloved Relinde got married in Mechelen, Belgium.
Again it was such a beautifully wedding, we all had tears in our eyes, and again most of us from the RK-95 group were there to share their happiness.
It was such a beutifully day, the sun was shining like crazy, and we all enjoyed meeting again for the second time this year, to participate in the event of the year; the wedding between Dennis and Relinde.

Dennis and Relinde; I wish you both all the happiness in the world, and may the spirits be with you.
Love always/Nilla.

Very Happy News - October 26, 2002.
The Rocky Mountaineer Wedding in England.

Click on the photo or the link down below to see more from the wedding and the reception.

The Rocky Mountaineer Wedding in England, 2002

On October 26, 2002, our dear friend and Rocky Mountaineer, Andrew and his beloved Sarah-Jane got married in Doncaster, England.
It was such a beautifully wedding and most of us from the RK-95 group were there to share their happiness.
Another Rocky Mountaineer wedding that also took place this year, in August, was between Kurt and his Renate.
Unfortunately, for specific circumstances, I couldn’t be there at the wedding but I also wish the two of you all the happiness in the world.

Thank you, all of You Rocky Mountaineer's of-95, for your friendship and support.
Love always/Nilla.

Very Happy News - August 19, 2000. The wedding.

On August 19, 2000 I was very proud to be invited to the wedding between my dear friend Steve Lee, Trek Leader from my Klondike Trek in 1998 who became a very good friend during the Trek, and his beloved Camilla.
The wedding took place at Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea, and was very beautifully and exciting.

Steve and Camilla; Good luck in the future.

Other Photo-Albums.

A bunch of Pages with photos of my Family, Colleagues at work, Good Friends and much more. Since I bought this Digital Camera I am going nuts with taking pictures, having it with me almost all the time. Just click below here and You'll get there.

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