Photo-Album No. 2 - At Work.

(These guys are and were my colleagues but also very dear friends)

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Photo-Album No. 1: Family and Friends.
Photo-Album No. 2: At Work.
Photo-Album No. 3: The Gypsy/Hippie-Gang on the road through Europe.

At the laboratory at Östra Hospital in Gothenburg - December 2000.

(Photo: Carina Gustafsson)
Click on the picture and You'll get a larger one.

Ulla, Annika and Jenny.

Jenny, Barbro and Anders.

Having a exercise. Anne, making face, is the leader.

Me showing off at the exercise.

Ulla, my Flexlab colleague.

Nena is "Offspring".

Me and my darling Herbert.

Dear Mr Wu from Hongkong.

Tooltime! Dear Herbert just died.

Annika, Jenny and Bodil.


Myself and Bodil.

Me, Nena and Rudolf the Reindeer wish You all a Merry Christmas - December 2000.

Nena and Rudolf.

Me and Rudolf, hiding behind Herbert.

Me and Rudolf again.

Nena; Please give me a nosejob, this huuuuurts....!

Mr Wu and me as the strange Christmas tree.....

Colleagues at the IT-department at the Laboratory at Sahlgrenska Hospital.
- November 2000 -

Bengt is cleaning up his desk! Hmmm....

Cleaningtime! Annette, Karin and Paa.



Me and my beloved computer.

Farewell Party with my colleagues at the Clinical Chemistry Lab, Östra Hospital in Gothenburg.
- November 2001 -

Theme for the evening was "Santas and Indians".

Anne, Ulla and Christina; our lovely hosts...

Eva as Rudolf the Reindeer, with a....

Christina and Ulla reading the rules for....

Me and Nena. Oh boy, What a surprise to see....

Well, after the very wild dinner we just had to have a workout of course.
(Hmmm...We had Raindeer for dinner which tasted great...
so sorry Santa; now You have to find another "Rudolf" to get out there in time for Christmas)

Nena as the very "cute" workout....

Nena as the typical Swedish male on....

Ok guys come on now! Stretch out....

It was really hard to follow Nenas moves....

Nena; Oh Yeah! Stretch Your....

Camilla and Michelle; Oh my God....

Kniiiiiiip! Ha, Ha, Ha!

Ok, here we go again.

NOW! Stretch Your bellys girls....

Ok, now lets dance instead. Everybody GET UP....

Anders in action - Me, John Travolta....

Maria looking with fear at the cake....

Just to let You know we can all do the best with our looks, that is for the better of course.
See how cute we all can be when we make the effort.

Ulla and Birgit. Eva behind them leading....

Michelle is looking as....

Nena have You ever been thinking about....

Me.........OH MY GOD!!!!! Please keep me in the closet....

Photo-Album No. 1: Family and Friends.
Photo-Album No. 2: At Work.
Photo-Album No. 3: The Gypsy/Hippie-Gang on the road through Europe.

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