The Rocky Mountaineer's Reunion - Scotland, August 1996.

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Well, we had such fun during our first reunion in Belgium that we quickly decided to have another one the same year, this time in Scotland. So on August 16 I flew over to the British Islands, first to London and from there up to Edinburgh in Scotland.
When we got to Heathrow in London I found out that the pilot on my plane was a really funny guy. After we had done our touchdown on the ground he said on the speakers; Well folks; Welcome to England. As you can see outside your windows we will have a lovely day here in England - We couldn't see anything at all because it was extremely foggy outside. Ha, Ha!!!!

This was my first time flying with British Airways and to my surprise my bag wasn't on the plane when I arrived to Edinburgh. It took the whole day before I got it. (I also bumped in to Margaret Thatcher in the stairs going out from the airplane; lucky me.....=))

Scottish Pat had done a wonderful job arranging this reunion and rented a house for us not too far away from the city center, it was on walking distance.

On our first evening we cooked Mexican food, this time by ourselves and as usually it tasted really good. Just relaxed and did a lot of talking, the next few days we had a lot of things to do, but later that evening we went out to explore Edinburgh and also went to see the Tattoo up on the Edinburgh Castle. Great show with guests from Africa, Zulu dancers. In the final of the show the guards and the Zulu dancers did a thing together to the music from the soundtrack "The Last of the Mohicans" which gave us all the goose bumps. Wonderful event!
After that we went to a couple of pubs.

We got a new "Rocky Mountaineer" friend who got invited to our little club; Andrews friend Jan. She works as a schoolteacher during the day and in the evening she transformed to a very talented and skilled actor at the theatre. She is a very nice person as well so naturally we invited her to join our Rocky Mountaineer club.

So what else did we do this weekend? Well.......................................................

We partied of course and found out that Dennis wasn't the only one capable of dancing on chairs. Oh no, Andrew was pretty good at it as well.
Julia; Well, she had the perfect cure for red eyes from a hangover................I was wondering about why those used teabags were in the freezer the night before.

We hiked again of course, as true "Trekkers" would do, up to a viewpoint in Edinburgh, where we had an excellent view of the town. .........And one evening we had a meeting with the famous ghost of Edinburgh; "The Deceased Mr. Adam Lyal", who took us sightseeing in the old parts of Edinburgh in the dark, and scared us to death over and over again.

We also celebrated Pam's 30th birthday that was coming up in a few days and of course again Dennis's dancing skills on the chairs amused us as always.

Well, this reunion in Scotland was over and we decided that the next one was going to take place in Germany.

To end this story; I flew home with British Airways as well and my bags wasn't on the plane this time either, got them the day after.
Dennis was a couple of days later going on the "Klondike Trek" (which I also did a couple of years later) and myself, I was going on the "Mountie Trek" and in the end of our Treks we met up in Seattle.

We both laughed like crazy when he told me that his bags wasn't on the plane when he got to Seattle before the Trek started, the airline company even had to drive them up somewhere in British Columbia in Canada because at that time Dennis was already on the Trek.
Which company; Well.... what do you think? Yes, British Airways!
2 years later I went on the Klondike Trek myself and my room mate a the Trek Hotel in Seattle and later also my tent mate at the Trek, Nicole who was a Swiss, didn't get her bags until the day after she arrived there. Which company? - Oh Yes, British Airways!!! Oh Dear!

Well, as long as you are prepared to wait for your bags to arrive; British Airways are pretty good to fly with. I can't help but laughing at the fact that they are having a huge bag-problem!

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