The Rocky Mountaineer's Reunion - Germany, June 1997.

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So was it then time for our third reunion, this time in Germany arranged by our German boys Kurt and Christoph.
Kurt came and picked me up at the airport in Frankfurt, I was the last one flying in, and then we all met up at Kurt's apartments in Langen and again it was nice to see everyone. After a couple of welcome drinks (Baileys of course) we took off for our first destination Kirchhause where we were going to stay for the night at a small hotel.

The next morning we continued for the district Odenwald and the small village Waldhubenhof where the guys had rented a small genuine German house at a farm, in an area that was very beautifully. We also had all kinds of animals around our houses that belonged to the farm, and that was very nice, despite all the flies that came along with it.

Since it was still quite early we drove off to the small town Michelstad where we took a round tour by foot and also explored the pubs.

When we got back we had dinner and then after a few drinks Pat tried again to teach us how to dance genuine Scottish dances.
To tell You the truth she has tried this a few times before and I believe we are not doing that well, but we try hard and of course we are having a great deal of fun laughing at everyone's really awfully mistakes.
So we are not the greatest dancers in the world, so what, as long it's fun, and it is.

The following day we took the cars and drove to Heidelberg to have a look around. We went sightseeing of course and among other things went up to the castle on the hillside of Heidelberg to have a look at the biggest wine barrel in the world (I think, because it was huge).

The Castle in Heidelberg.

Me at the castle with a view of the town Heidelberg.

At the castle, while we were looking at the big wine barrel there was this tourist group with Americans that came in at the same time, and this was something we have been talking about a lot since then.

The reason for that was that in this group of Americans were this man, a really good looking man but extremely fat and loud speaking and we could hear him everywhere because of the echo inside the wine cellar.

He shouted out really loud; OH MY GOOOOOOOD!!!! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BARREL!!!!!

After that we spent the evening at a "Kirchefestival" which is a common festival this weekend everywhere in Germany. We had dinner and a few beers at this place and had a really good time.

It was also here we discovered that Christoph had a girlfriend back home, whom he never had told the rest of us about.
He bought some stuff to her at the "Kirchefestival" market; stuff that no one could be mistaken about was bought to a person he was in love with. Of course we got extremely curious and us girls started to nag him about to bring her with him on the next reunion.
Well, he did a couple of years later, at the reunion in Sweden in -99, and we finally got to meet her, Agnes, the woman in his life.

Having fun at the Kirchefestival.

The next day we went to see Kurt's parents at their farm not to far away from where we lived. They were a very sweet couple and came out to say Guten Tag to us all.
We went for a short hike around the area to have a look and it was quite beautifully here. After our visit here we continued to a local "Apfelwein Festival" where we had a small lunch and tried out the local Apfelwine while we were looking at all the games that were taking place at the festival.
Then we continued back home to our little German houses to have a Barbecue and our traditionally Tequila party.

Of course we had a lot of fun this evening and us girls put up a just horrible dancing show that made all of us laugh like crazy. Some of the guys later did the same thing but my photos of that are to horrible so I wont show You them...Ha,Ha. ...they are definitely too embarrassing for some.
Anyway the Barbecue tasted great, as usually the guys did a terrific job, and the Tequila tasted a little bit better this year; I was slowly getting to like it even though I still was making a grinning face after every sip of it.

Ok, unfortunately this year's reunion came to an end as well and we started to discuss where the next one would be. Sweden came up as a possibility but in the end we decided to have England as the next one instead, so I knew my turn was coming up eventually. It's a lot of work behind the scenes to arrange such as these events so it's good to have some time on your hand. So at this point I knew that my turn to arrange our reunion would be in 1999.
We have such fun during our reunions and despite a lot of work to make it happened I believe everyone in our RK-95 Family are always looking forward to the next one.

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