The Rocky Mountaineer's Reunion - Belgium, February 1996.

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The Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995 somewhere along the road in Canada.
We are from the back left:
  • Julia-England
  • Paul-Holland
  • Dennis-Belgium
  • Sven-Belgium
  • Christoph-Germany
  • Pat-Scotland
  • Janet-England
  • Pam-England
  • Gunilla-Sweden
  • Andrew-England
  • Kurt-Germany

The RK-95 group (except me) outside our house in Belgium.

Dennis was at the airport to pick me, and some of the others up and then we entered his car for a couple of hour's drive on the Autobahn towards Antwerp where we met up with the rest of the group. Then we had a few more miles to drive out on the countryside to a resort called "Sun Park" where he had rented a couple of bungalows for the weekend. This was my first experience with Dennis's driving skills and not that he is a bad driver or anything but he drives fast, and I mean really fast, which I really were going to see when he was driving me back to the airport after the weekend was over. Let me put it this way; I am still alive.......... Barely!!!!!!

Dennis had secret plans for the weekend but we had a few traditions from our trek that we knew were coming up and some of those traditions are something we can blame Sheila for, our trek-leader on the Rocky Mountaineer trek. Sheila, if You ever read this; Thank You!

Exploring the many Beer Pubs in Antwerp.
(Pam, Julia, Andrew and Christoph)

So what did we then do during our first Rocky Mountaineer Reunion weekend; Well, we ate well, we looked at a lot of photos from our trek. We partied of course, did some sightseeing in Antwerp but also explored the area around Sun Park by hiking as true "trekkers" would do. By car we visited a Monastery close by in the area.

Our first evening we had Pasta Mountain, Kurt's word for all the amount of Pasta You eat during a trek.
We had all brought some tax-free stuff from the airports with us, like Chocolate (lots of it) and Booze; Tequila and Baileys of course for our traditions and Christoph and Kurt the German boys brought the Beers.

Group-photo at the Monastery.

Hiking in Belgium.

You might wonder about the traditions.
Well it was simply like this that during our RK-trek in -95 we were introduced to the wonders of Mexican food and Tequila by Sheila, so naturally the Mexican food was on the menu one evening out on a restaurant in Antwerp.
The last evening we partied till morning with the Tequila, which I at that time just hated but sacrificed myself for the tradition. Now days I have learned to like it, but You should have seen the expression on my face, drinking it those first years of our reunions.

The wildest person in our group is definitely Dennis. Give him a few drinks, put on some good tunes on the cd-player and he will start dancing where ever he finds it suitable; on the tables, on the chairs, which is always very amusing to rest of us who are a bit more timid???? (Eeeehhh.....Sort of)

Dennis showing of!

The 3 wise Monkeys.

Happy girls at the Tequila Party.
(Pam, Pat, Julia and myself on their lap)


I wasn't the only one who had some problems with the Tequila.
(Andrew with a cute expression on his face)

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