Little me at two years of age.

Photo-Album No. 1 - Family and Friends.

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Photo-Album No. 1: Family and Friends.
Photo-Album No. 2: At Work.
Photo-Album No. 3: The Gypsy/Hippie-Gang on the road through Europe.

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Me and My Second Families - Summer 2006/Part 1.

In Kristianopel and at Dragsö in Karlskrona-Sweden.

Rebecka, Elisabeth, Louise and Petra in....

Me and the big cannon in Kristianopel.

Louise and Rebecka in Kristianopel.

Jan and Kent at Dragsö, Karlskrona.

The mighty families at Dragsö, Karlskrona.

Louise is looking really cute at Dragsö....

Me and "The Babe" Elisabeth at Dragsö....

Gorgeous Nina and Alexander at....

Alicia with her hero Philip at Dragsö....

Me, Bettan and Emilia the new Eileen Ford....

Darlings Johan and Lotta at Dragsö....

Bettis and Mum Birgit at Dragsö....

Bettis; Of course Mum I look good in hat....

Jan; Ok Kent, This is how we do wine-tasting....

Me and Bettis trying to look cool while Emilia....

Bettis and Mum Birgit saying....

Me and My Second Families - Summer 2006/Part 2.

The European Athletics ChampionShips in Track And Fields. Gothenburg-Sweden.

The gang with the Swiss Track And Fields Athletic Marc Schneeberger (4x Swiss Champion at 200 meters).

Rebecka and Elisabeth in our "Sweden T-Shirts" before we left for the event.

The Stadium Ullevi that held the European Athletics ChampionShips in Track and Fields.

The tryouts in 100 meters, Merlene Ottie are on the track. Go for it Merlene.

Suz, Lena and Elisabeth having a Big Beer at a brake from the event.

Rebecka with the Swiss Athletics Andreas Kundert and Marc Schneeberger.

The Rock'n Roll Gang Partying in Trollhättan, Sweden.
November 2000.

Michelle, Sara, Camilla and Maria...

Michelle is warming up - One and two and...

Michelle and Sara are laughing like....

Michelle loves Heavy Metal - This is called....

Who can sing, well not me.

Me, Maria and Nena. Hmmm, Have no clue....

Michellle and Sara are dancing like crazy.

Beautifully Nena saying Cheers.

The Rock'n Roll Gang Partying in Linköping, Sweden.
September 2001.

Wine, Cheese and Crackers and a lot of....

Michelle is warming up.

Michelle is warmed up and looking....

Nena is preparing Maria for the night out.

Nena and Michelle in the bathroom before....

Cellphone time - Camilla, Michelle, Nena and Maria.

Camilla and Nena are on the GO.

Nena; Eeeeeeeh, anyone who needs some....

Group photo - Michelle, Nena, Maria, Camilla and myself on their lap.

Nena and Maria at the gamblingtable at the BK:s.

International Friends.

Jackie from Singapore,
doing volunteer job in Africa.

The Rocky Mountaineer's of 1995.

Camilla and Steve Lee, from Sweden and Usa.
At their wedding on Gotland, Year 2000.

The Family Dogs Ronja and Raffa.

Ronja and Raffa in the gardenchair.

Ronja and Raffa being a bit bored.

Historical family stuff.

The Hanson family on our boat Nike sometime during the 70:s.

My first time ever on a pair of slalom skis. As you can see it did not go that well. Karlskrona 1983.

Me, Jana and Elisabeth at a 1950:s party. Jana was very happy to have two girls in his arms. Karlskrona 1983.
Me and Elisabeth trying to look as a pair of models in 1985. God, did we believed we were gorgeous or what....

Photo-Album No. 1: Family and Friends.
Photo-Album No. 2: At Work.
Photo-Album No. 3: The Gypsy/Hippie-Gang on the road through Europe.

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